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Amazing 3D Modular Origami Sculptures ©

Created by the artist and origami teacher San San Oo

3D Origami Orchid Vase ©

3D Origami Giant Peacock

How to make the open wings Parrot


How to make the close wings Parrot

Pre-marked cards ©
Ying 3D Origami ® reinvents the way to create modular 3D origami sculptures giving everyone the opportunity to become creative artists thanks to the revolutionary method of their fantastic "3D origami sets" made up of their pre-marked cards. ©
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Ying 3D Origami

Feel the power of our "3D Modular Origami sets" ©

In 1994 the noble art called "Golden Venture Folding" was born from Chinese immigrants in America, over the years the name has gradually transformed into "3D Origami". In 2014 "Ying 3D Origami" reinvented the way of making 3D origami using pre-creased cards + easy to follow and very intuitive assembly instructions, here the key to the success of our product:

Golden Venture Folding Museum ©

"By Chinese immigrant"